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I'll never trust AOL again

A reader says Brian Livingston's column about AOL Long Distance and "slamming" is right on the mark.


I'll never trust AOL again

In response to the May 11 Wired Watchdog column by Brian Livingston, "AOL Long Distance hit with slamming charges":

Brian's story is right on except for one thing: He's about two years too late.

I made the horrible mistake of trusting AOL and signed up for the AOL Long Distance phone service about three years ago. When I disputed bogus charges I was hassled. When I dropped the service and went back to Sprint I was slammed back--more than once with additional bogus charges, too!

The only thing that worked was when I told them in very clear terms that if they didn't cease and desist with their guerilla tactics, I was going to file complaints with my state attorney general and the state Public Utilities Commission. That finally worked. Others should do the same. I have been saddened to see AOL continue to market this horrible "service."

I will never trust AOL again--ever.

Kenneth Robinson