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I'll give YOU a Quick Tip!

Veronica asks for Quick Tip ideas!

Quick Tips is one of my favorite series on CNET TV, and here's why: they're fast, easy, and helpful. Duh, right? However, sometimes I wonder what kinds of things you guys want to actually know about! Do you want more software tips? Hardware (like how to network your Xbox 360)? Should they be geekier, or more general? I really like getting input from Prizefight, because it helps me cater the show to what the viewers are interested in. I think that Quick Tips could be the same way. So drop me a line in the comments, let me know what you want to learn in a couple of minutes or less! By the way, I'm Veronica. I host the Crave video podcast and Prizefight, co-host Buzz Out Loud and MP3 Insider, and also shoot Insider Secrets and Quick Tips!