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'iLift' takes aim at cellulite

Don't blame us if you end up wasting $500.


Call us cynical, but we put this item in the same category as the "HairMax LaserComb" and the "Zeno" zit zapper. The latest gadget that claims to improve personal appearance is the "iLift," an electronic device that promises to combat the ravages of time where it counts--on the face and cellulite, to name just two perennial problem spots.

The secret formula involves some combination of ions and infrared rays that can be adjusted with four programs, according to the product literature, attacking bacteria while improving circulation and speeding up skin metabolism. All for less than $500. We looked for an accompanying bottle of snake oil for an additional cost but couldn't find it on the site.

Lucky for us, the brave souls at Shiny Shiny have promised a video review shortly. We hope they keep the paramedics on alert.