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iLid iPhone case doubles as a wallet, keychain

A new product hitting shelves next month adds a secret compartment to the iPhone, allowing users to stash a key, some credit cards, and some cash.

The iLid flips open to reveal a place to stash some credit cards, a key and some cash.
The iLid flips open to reveal a place to stash some credit cards, a key, and some cash. Jason Parker/CNET

SAN FRANCISCO--Phones may be on their way to replacing wallets and purses, but we're not quite there yet.

One project that hopes to bridge the technological gap is iLid. Created by Australian natives Darren Inglis and Simon Dunn-Vaughan, the specialty iPhone case has a mostly secret compartment on its backside where people can stash some cash, a few credit cards, and a house key.

It may not be a full-on purse or wallet replacement, but for those looking to cut down on wallet clutter, it promises some organizational relief.

The product, which ships next month and is on display at this week's Macworld|iWorld event, began as a project on Kickstarter, a proving ground for ideas of all sizes to get seed money from public investors. After a week of posting their idea on the site the pair raised their goal of $10,000, a total that now sits at $28,261. The two had also invested $20,000 of their own funds into the project ahead of time.

The end result, which will run $39.95, is the pair's first model, dubbed the mk-1. Presumably other variants of the design, which has a patent pending, will follow if this one sells well.

Of note, iLid's creators chose to manufacture the product in Australia as opposed to China, where they assumed it would cost less to produce. Inglis told CNET that it ended up being a better deal with faster turnaround time to keep it within the country.

iLid is by no means the first wallet accessory made for iPhones, but it boasts itself as "the world's thinnest," coming in at 17mm. Competitors include the iFlip, The Q Card Case, and Case-Mate'scredit card case among others.

Here's Inglis and Dunn-Vaughan's Kickstarter video with a 3D rendering of the product: