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iHome's chameleon iPod audio system

iHome's compact iH15 LED Color Changing Stereo System changes color with the touch of a button.

The iH15 LED Color Changing Stereo System is on sale now for $59.99. iHome

iHome is highlighting a few products at this year's CES and one of them, the iH15 LED Color Changing Stereo System, is actually available now for $59.99.

The concept behind this simple and compact iPod audio system is that you can customize its color thanks to an LED behind the iH15's translucent cabinet. It's unclear whether you get the full range of colors pictured in the photo or just four (as the specs imply below). We'll let you know was soon as we get that little detail confirmed.

Here's all the company has to say about the product:

*Translucent cabinet changes color at the touch of a button

*Plays and charges most docking iPod models

*Four color-change settings

*Reson8 stereo speakers with passive subwoofer

*Line-in to listen to other aux audio sources

*5.47 inches tall by 5.47 inches wide by 5.47 inches deep

*Powered by an AC adapter (no battery option)