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iHome ZN9 tops list of Zune accessories

CNET's Donald Bell offers his top accessories for the Microsoft Zune MP3 player.

One of the most punishing strikes against Microsoft's Zune MP3 player is that it's just not fun to shop for. iPod owners can drive themselves into the poorhouse buying up "Made for iPod" speaker docks, video goggles, workout accessories, voice recorders, and at least a few gazillion cases. For Zune owners, I was able to round up six worthy accessories. That's right--six!

The motivation behind this Zune accessory round-up is iHome's latest ZN9 clock radio, which landed on my desk last week and impressed me with its solid design and extensive features. With so few competitors in the Zune accessory space, I have to hand it to iHome for giving Zune owners a cool product that isn't just a quick and dirty iPod clock rehash. For their effort, I've put the ZN9 at the top of my Zune accessory list.

Are you curious to know what the other five Zune accessories on the list are? Read my complete list of worthwhile accessories for the Zune. We also shot a little overview video of our top four Zune accesories, shown here on the left.