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iHome ships new, budget-friendly mini Bluetooth speakers

iHome's new portable Bluetooth speakers, the $59.99 iDM8 and $69.99 iDM11, are now available for purchase.

iHome's iDM11 retails for $69.99 and has speakerphone capabilities. iHome

We saw iHome's new portable Bluetooth speakers last month at CES, and both models, the iDM8 and iDM11, looked pretty nice.

They're shipping now and available for $59.99 and $69.99, respectively.

The iDM8 comes in red and black for $59.99 (click to enlarge). iHome

The spherical iDM8, which comes in black as well (for some reason iHome's only showing the red version on its Web site), seems to be the more travel- and bag-friendly. But, as you can see from the specs, the iDM11 has a built-in microphone and speakerphone capabilities, a plus.



We'll let you know how both models sound when we get our hands on review samples. But they seem decently priced and hopefully their street price will be a few bucks less.