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iHome iA63 review: A head-turning iPhone dock

If you're looking for a very functional clock radio that also has a rotating iPod/iPhone dock for bedside video watching, the iHome iA63 is a good choice. Read CNET's full review.

iHome's iA63 iPhone/iPod clock radio features a motorized rotating dock for video viewing. iHome

The iHome iA63 is a clock radio with a twist--or more precisely, a clock radio that has a motorized rotating iPod/iPhone dock that allows you to turn your device from portrait to landscape mode for video watching with a touch of a button.

It's relatively light and compact, measuring 8 inches high, 6.7 inches wide, and 4 inches deep. Yes, it looks odd without a device docked in it (think mini satellite dish), but it's actually kinda cool with your iPhone or iPod Touch charging. (Like all "Made for iPhone" products, the iA63 is GSM-shielded, so there should be no speaker interference while using your iPhone.)

The iHome iA63 has six radio presets (there's no AM, only FM) and lots of alarm functionality, thanks to the fact that it works with the iHome+Sleep app (it also works just fine with iHome Home+Radio app, which offers Internet radio--a possible workaround for AM reception--and all the other music service apps out there). A remote is included along with an auxiliary input for connecting other audio devices (cable not included). There's also a nice big snooze button on the top of the unit, and snooze time is programmable between 1 and 29 minutes.

Apps aside, the feature that's going to impress your friends the most is that rotating dock. The general idea is you leave your iA63 sitting on a nightstand. Then you lie on your side in bed with your head propped up on a pillow and watch something at close range.

Click here to read the full review and find out how the iA63 sounds.