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iHome gives the Zune a little love

It claims to have the first clock radio for Microsoft's media player.


The wildfire popularity of the iPod has given rise to many accessory businesses and other cottage industries, many of which are explicitly marketed for Apple's media player even when they'll work with others. Which, by the way, is exactly what makes this next item so distinctive: Not only is it aimed at a non-iPod product, but it's made specifically for the lowly Zune.

iHome's ZN9 is being touted as "the world's first clock radio for the Zune," as Gizmodo points out. Given the limited popularity of Microsoft's media player, it's either a gutsy or misguided move, but it's a risk iHome is well equipped to handle: Its bets are already hedged with far more products that cater to the rival iPod.

In fact, we're not even sure what makes this clock dock specific to the Zune; so many of its features are similar to those of other products made for the iPod, including dual alarms, backlit LCDs, and different times for the weekdays and weekends. But if you're simply the type who likes to go against the grain, this may be right for you.