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iHome blends computer speakers with iPod dock

iHome has announced the iH69 and iH70, two computer speaker packages that include iPod docks.


iHome has introduced the first combination of an iPod dock and computer speaker we've seen. The iH69 and iH70 will let you charge, play, and sync your iPod to either your Mac or PC without the need for additional cables or docks.

Both models are compatible with any docking iPod and also provide a headphone jack for private listening. The iH69 is available in black, while the step-up model iH70 comes in silver. Also with the iH70, you'll get a higher wattage as well as a fully functional remote.

Priced in the same range as other high-end computer speakers, the iH69 will cost $100 and the iH70 will cost you $130. You can preorder them now at