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iHome announces iP71 computer speakers with integrated iPhone and iPod dock

iHome's newest computer speaker system now offers GSM-shielding for iPhones.

The iHome's iP71 iPod- and iPhone-friendly computer speakers will arrive this spring. iHome

A few months ago, we reviewed a couple of sets of iHome computer speakers that featured a built-in iPod dock. Well, the company's showing off a follow-up to the iH70s we reviewed. This model is called the iP71 and comes in black instead of silver, which is a good thing in our book.

There doesn't appear to be any significant difference between the iH70 and iP71 except for the fact that the newer model will offer GSM-shielding for iPhones. The iP71, likes its sibling, plays and charges iPhones and all docking iPod models and has a USB port for computer connections, so you can sync your iPhone and iPod to your Windows or Mac PC with a touch of a button.

The iP71 computer speakers will be released in the spring. No price has been set, but the iH70s retail for around $130, so we imagine they will be in that ballpark.