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Ice cooler with LED lighting means parties past sunset

The Igloo Party Bar powered by LiddUp features LED lighting inside the cooler and its removable lid makes easy to use as an ice chest or open beverage tub.

See what you're getting into with the Igloo Party Bar Liddup.
See what you're getting into with the Igloo Party Bar Liddup. Igloo

Perhaps you've noticed the days getting longer. Each day gives way to an extra minute or so of sunlight that is designed to do one thing and one thing only: prolong outdoor activities. The celestial circumstance that allows this to happen simply has to do with the tilt and orbit of the Earth, but down here on the ground there is a profound effect: afternoon backyard cookouts last longer.

The Igloo Party Bar powered by LiddUp ($250.99) is the gravitational center of any backyard get together (well, along with the grill itself, that is). LED lights ring the interior of the cooler tub, providing 360-degree illumination so the party doesn't have to stop when the sun goes down. While being able to see into the dark recesses of a beverage tub makes it a lot easier to grab the drink you are looking for, removable dividers assist with organization. Additionally, a top caddy offers neat segmentation allowing for easy access to special items.

Any time day or night is now party time, but the goods still have to get to the backyard somehow. Like the smooth sailing of our planet through the sky, a detachable base with heavy-duty casters facilitates getting the action going. Capable of holding many, many beverages (no, not quite comparable to grains of sand or stars in the sky), the big ice chest keeps the party going until the lights go out.