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iFrogz case protects your iPad 2, battery life

The iFrogz iPad 2 Summit Case protects your tablet with layers of padding and idles your iPad when you shut the case to preserve battery life.

The case comes in five colors, includes black leather padding, and opens to act as a stand. iFrogz

The iFrogz iPad 2 Summit Case is a real turn-off, and that's a good thing.

There's an ever-growing supply of iPad case options, with some aimed at decoration and others at all-out protection. Some even come with keyboards and other bangs and whistles. But the iFrogz Summit is one of the first to preserve battery life in an iPad 2 by switching the tablet to idle mode when you close the lid.

I had a chance to wrap my iPad 2 in a Summit case recently. The first thing to strike me is how well-armored the Summit is on both sides of the device, combining polyurethane and polycarbonate with an outer layer of leather to pad the screen face and the metallic backside. The layers of leather lend it a briefcase look.

The feature that sets the Summit apart is its ability to turn your iPad 2 display off when you close the case. At first glance, it seems like an unnecessary bobble. How hard is it to simply nick the button atop the iPad 2 that puts the tablet to sleep? Also, the iPad 2 will turn its own display off after a preset amount of time you choose. However, there are some apps that keep that screen humming and override the auto-dimming. Worrying about all of that nonsense sails out the window with the Summit because it clicks it all off for you. It's a feature I didn't respect at first but that definitely grew on me.

The iFrogz iPad 2 Summit sells online for $55 to $60.