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iFrogz Audiowrapz: protection and sound in one

iFrogz Audiowrapz combines a protective case for the iPod Nano with a built-in speaker.


Why buy a protective skin and a set of speakers for your iPod Nano when the iFrogz Audiowrapz lets you kill two birds with one stone? Well, for one, a separate set of speakers would probably sound much better, but that's beside the point: The Audiowrapz protects your player while offering the added bonus of three external speakers in one very compact package. No denying it's a little gimmicky, but also kinda cool. The case itself adds some length to the third-gen Nano, but isn't bad looking. In fact, I think the overall look is randomly stylish, and it comes in your choice of eight colors--always a good thing. The speakers themselves are passive, so they don't draw any power from the iPod (or anywhere else, for that matter). If you just want to utilize the case without sharing your music with the world, simply plug in the headphones and the speakers are deactivated. Each Audiowrapz costs $24.99.