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iFotoGuide nature photography guides for the iPhone

iFotoGuide launches interactive nature photography guides for the Apple iPhone.

iFotoGuide has released its digital guide to on-location nature photography, a nature guide to select national parks. The first in a planned series to be released is iFotoGuide: Arches, about Arches National Park.

The iFotoGuide app allows you to look up travel information like hotels and weather, and park information like wildflower blooms and entrance fees. It enables you to find places to shoot; you can look for prime shooting locations to photograph a sunrise or a sunset. There are instructions for getting to the locations, as well as information on how to best shoot from them. It has a photo gallery of images from the park. You can just select the photo and the app provides the information to get there, and to photograph there.

"iFotoGuide: Arches" sells for $4.99 on the iTunes app store. It can be updated for free to allow new content such as additional locations in the park.