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If you're in the mooood for coffee

Calf and Half creamer pitcher has a sense of humor about your morning cup o' joe

Your coffee will be udder-ly delicious. Shop Fosters
As the years after my first sip of coffee have gone by, I've transitioned slowly into a full-blown coffee addict. My rushed morning cravings for the stuff on busy work days, however, haven't yet dulled the enjoyment that I get from sipping a slow cup on my days off--nothing beats a lazy late brunch with a full pot straight from the French press.

If I cook brunch for a group, then setting out coffee with a sugar bowl and creamer pitcher is a necessity, but even if I eat alone, leaving the sugar and milk separate until I'm ready to drink seems to enhance the experience. There's something about decorating my coffee at the table that takes me out of my kitchen and makes me feel like I'm in a coffee shop on vacation.

I usually use an old spice bottle that looks like a miniature glass milk bottle for my coffee cream, but this next kitchen gadget tackles holding cream from a slightly more humorous angle.

The Calf and Half Creamer pitcher is sure to generate some breakfast table laughs. It's made of double-walled glass, the inside layer of which is shaped like cow udders, a small reminder of where the cream you're using to lighten your brew came from. Maybe seeing milk in that context isn't the kind of thing that makes your mouth water, but it's a funny concept nonetheless.

The Calf and Half pitcher is made by Fred & Friends, creators of the half-eaten gingerbread cookie cutters mentioned recently. You can snag it for $21.00 at