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If your MacBook is into leather

Fashionable jackets in tasteful colors and styles

As part of our charitable holiday wishes, we've asked that people not neglect the MacBooks in the family while their iPod siblings get all the attention. The response, we're happy to say, has been admirable.

If you're looking for one more accessory to stuff in your laptop's stocking, the ever-fashionable Chip Chick has just the item: a "form-fitting leather wrap." The line of "Signature Suits" from Case-Mate come in various designs of black, white and red with contrasting accents.

The case covers are a bit on the high side at $149, but just one of these tasteful jackets will make your MacBook feel like a million bucks. And even though they're made of leather, they still won't run the risk of being mistaken for fur or any synthetic variation thereof.