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If you want Game of Thrones season 9, you can now bet money on it

Maybe this doesn't have to be the end. And if you really believe it won't be, you can bet (and lose) on it.


Could Bran the Broken survive another season?


Sunday's finale of HBO hit Game of Thrones left many fans wondering if the dragon-powered epic could really be over. 

While the network and just about everyone associated with the show has made it pretty clear they're done, viewers who desperately want more (or perhaps just can't believe the series would really end that way) can now bet on the show yet again and put their money where their hopes are. 

The UK's Boyle Sports is taking bets that HBO will shock the world and announce that the battle for the Iron Throne, or what's left of it, will continue for a ninth season. 

HBO did not immediately return a request for comment.   

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In what could charitably be called a long shot (or more realistically: a sucker bet), the sports book is offering 50-to-one odds that we'll get a ninth season. Apparently, part of the rationale is the online petition calling for a do-over for the show's final season. The petition calls on HBO to replace Game of Thrones showrunners David Benioff and D.B. Weiss with new writers.

"All 1.3 million (and growing) people that signed the petition would be only too delighted to see a new (season) and for a different result," Boyle Sports spokeswoman Sarah Kinsella said in statement.

The online bookie is also offering odds on which character would most likely rule Westeros at the end of this hypothetical season nine. 

Interestingly, the site doesn't seem to believe HBO would actually give us a different result as it still gives Bran "the Broken" Stark the best odds to control the seven (six?) kingdoms at the end of this next season that's probably never going to happen.