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If the devil really wears Prada, why would Darth Vader get Adidas?

Commemorative sneakers reportedly in the works.


Since when do sneakers qualify as gadgets? They don't--that is, unless they have anything to do with Star Wars. Then, of course, they're fair game for Crave.

And as we all know, if an item involves Lord Vader even in the slightest tangential way, it get double points. (Triple if it's posted by Declan McCullagh.) So what exactly, you might ask, are we talking about today? Feast your Jed-eyes on this pair of Darth-themed sneakers reportedly in the works by Adidas to commemorate this year's 30th anniversary of the day Chewbacca stomped his way into our hearts.

The leather shoes and their laces are all black, naturally, with pale gold logos and lettering, according to GeekAlerts. No pricing or release information was available, but we're sure they'll end up on eBay if nowhere else. We just hope, for their sake, that they do better than the $79 high bid for those Apple shoes.