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If only this Call of Duty Lego 9mm handgun fired real bricks

Zazi Nombies' life-size MP-443 Grach 9mm handgun has every detail except the ability to take down Call of Duty enemies.

Lego Call of Duty pistol
Video screenshot by Tim Hornyak/CNET

Building guns out of Lego is as old as the plastic bricks themselves. But Lego fanatic Zazi Nombies is particularly good at it.

The YouTube user recently has been creating weapons that feature in Call of Duty: Ghosts in response to fan requests.

One of his latest is this life-size reproduction of an MP-443 Grach 9mm handgun, used in the blockbuster game and by real-life Russian military forces.

The Lego semiautomatic features elaborately re-created mechanisms such as a slide action and a removable magazine.

The magazine and slide action connect with the Grach with a satisfying click. Golden pieces of Lego simulating shell casings can be popped into the chamber, but sadly the gun doesn't fire.

Still, it's got impressive finishing that mimics the chrome, iron sights, and trigger on the real thing.

Its complexity pales in comparison Zazi Nombies' other Lego weapons from Call of Duty, though, some of which incorporate thousands of bricks and offer features like laser sighting.

For instance, the Knight's Armament chainsaw-style light machine gun from Call of Duty: Ghosts, pictured below, took over 6,000 bricks to create and is nearly 3 feet long. It's nearly as scary as the real thing.

Check out Zazi Nombies' insane Lego weapons at his YouTube channel here.

KAC Chain Saw LMG
Zazi Nombies

(Via Chipchick)