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If only the Shaving Helmet were real

Some good old techno-babble, a seemingly cool gadget, and some simple camera work seem to have fooled many viewers.

If you're a chrome dome and hate shaving your pate, the Shaving Helmet looks like a godsend. It automatically lathers and shaves off your stubble, leaving your scalp smooth as an egg.

It takes only 20 seconds and doesn't even leave a scratch--as seen in the video.

Too bad it's a well-played hoax.

The guys behind it produced an almost credible helmet with moving parts and lights. The inventor Boris, a cue ball himself, gives us some nice techno-babble about "Teflon-coated aluminum rails" and "LED progress indicators."

With some camera trickery, they make it look believable. The Huffington Post sure swallowed it.

In the video, a man with a bit of scalp hair agrees to demonstrate the helmet. The camera pans to Boris explaining the how it works. When the helmet is taken off the test subject, he has a nicely shaved pate, shaving cream and all.

Some readers immediately called it a humbug, suggesting the man who puts on the helmet and the one who takes it off are not the same person.

Sure enough, someone has posted a photo of the identical twins who seem to pull a fast one in the vid.You can see them in post 21 on NeoGaf.

If you think about it, everyone's cranium has a unique shape, and it would be very tricky to get the blades to automatically shave closely without cutting the scalp.

Still, it's a cool idea. A pity it's a canard, because some of my friends could really use a Shaving Helmet. Anyone care to invent a real one and apply for a patent?

(Via Dvice)