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IE 8, Firefox 3 to tackle malware

It's browser wars all over again. Updates coming soon promise better protection against phishing, spyware, and other maladies.

Web browser updates in development from Microsoft and Mozilla will include better built-in protection against phishing, viruses, and other maladies.

At its Mix conference in Las Vegas on Wednesday, Microsoft demonstrated IE 8 for the first time publicly.

Larry Dignan at ZDNet points out that IE 8 will include better malware protection through a new feature called the Safety Filter, which improves on IE 7's phishing filter.

IE 8's Safety Filter Microsoft

A beta test version of IE 8 is available for download now. Microsoft executives told's Ina Fried that a broader test release of IE 8 will come this summer.

Likewise, Mozilla plans improved malware protection in Firefox 3, currently in beta testing. Mozilla says the new release warns users when they arrive at sites which are known to install viruses, spyware, trojans or other malware.

Stop back later on Thursday to read a more detailed first look at IE 8 by Robert Vamosi from CNET Reviews.