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iDot rolls out $599 PC

The online seller unveils its Family System series, a low-cost line of computers without monitors. has announced its Family System series, a low-cost line of computers designed to appeal to budget-conscious families. introduced a $599 system featuring a processor from Cyrix. iDot markets and sells computers strictly through its online store, a business model that enables such aggressive pricing, the company says.

iDot is trying to follow in the footsteps of direct sales giants Dell and Gateway, which have benefited from the efficiencies and the reduced inventory cycles of the direct sales model, while at the same time other computer makers have suffered as PC prices, and profit margins, have plummeted.

In fact, iDot's business model was conceived at a coffee shop not far from Dell's headquarters, and the company's management team consists of direct-sales veterans from Power Computing and Motorola.

The iDot Family System with 300-MHx Cyrix M2 processor comes with 32MB of memory, a 2.1GB hard drive, and CD-ROM drive, for $599, without a monitor.

iDot also introduced another Cyrix system, a $999 computer with 32MB of memory, a 4.3GB hard drive, 56-kbps modem, 15-inch monitor, and a color printer from Lexmark.

In addition to the Cyrix models, iDot also rolled out a $1,999 system with an Intel 400-MHz Pentium II processor for $1,999, and an AMD K6-2 350-MHz processor, for $1,499. Both systems come with a Lexmark printer.