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iDisk for iPhone enables file viewing, sharing

Like similar apps, iDisk lets you access, view, and share files on the run. Unlike similar apps, iDisk requires a subscription to Apple's MobileMe service, which costs $99 per year.

Apple's iDisk file-viewing and -sharing app is free, but you must be a MobileMe subscriber to use it. Apple

Lost in the shuffle of yesterday's myriad WWDC announcements, Apple unveiled iDisk, a free app that lets you view and share documents, videos, and the like.

If that sounds familiar, it's because these capabilities already exist in apps like Air Sharing, File Sharing, and Soonr.

So, what sets iDisk apart? For starters, it's exclusively for MobileMe subscribers. (Feel free to stop reading here and now.) So while the app itself is free, it'll actually cost you $99 annually to use.

iDisk offers two main functions. First, it lets you view your MobileMe-housed Office or iWork '09 documents, PDFs, videos, and, one would assume, images. You can also access the contents of other MobileMe members' Public folders.

Second, iDisk simplifies file sharing: instead of a mammoth file attachment, recipients get a link for downloading the designated file(s) from your MobileMe space.

You'll be able to nab iDisk when iPhone OS 3.0 rolls out on June 17. In the meantime, take a good look at Soonr (iTunes link). A free account gives you 2GB of online storage, and the app not only lets you view and share documents remotely, but also collaborate, fax, and even print.