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Smart Home

iDevices launches the Socket

This retrofit gadget will raise the IQ of your regular old light bulbs.


Apple HomeKit partner iDevices -- the company that pioneered the iGrill before diving into smart-home technology with the Switch and Thermostat -- is launching their entrée into smart lighting. The iDevices Socket is an $80 retrofit gadget that fits between light fixtures and regular light bulbs. Any bulb you screw into the Socket will be granted app-connected dimming, scheduling and remote control.

While the $80 price point might seem a little high, the big appeal of the Socket is that you can keep your own light bulbs. If you're partial to a particular aesthetic, the Socket should keep you happy while also expanding your smart lighting features.

We covered the iDevices Socket during CES 2016, but the product is officially available online today and at select retailers later this summer. For more info on the Socket, check out our First Take.