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iDevices Kitchen Thermometer at CES 2014 tells you when dinner is ready

The iDevices Kitchen Thermometer allows for remote monitoring of temperatures so that you can stay on top of what's cooking. Available with two probes or one, the kitchen helper comes with an app for smartphone and tablet communication.

Keep an eye on the cooking from any room in the house with iDevices' Kitchen Thermometer.
Keep an eye on the cooking temperature from any room in the house with the iDevices' Kitchen Thermometer. iDevices

The kitchen is a wonderful place to be. That is, it's a wonderful place to be until you want to leave it and there is a roast in the oven and a boiling pot of water on the stove. The water is easy enough to stall from boiling (either by watching the pot or just turning it off), but other food items require attention. For those times you need a thermometer, there is a leash-free solution.

Now, while the family is off in another part of the house, you, too, can join in on the fun. The iDevices Kitchen Thermometer ($79.99) is available for purchase now, and the Kitchen Thermometer Mini ($39.99) is available for pre-order.

The larger version sports two probes, and as such can wirelessly monitor two temperatures at once, while the smaller version is a more compact one-probe version. Both use Bluetooth to communicate with iOS devices (with an Android version on the way).

More than just a kitchen thermometer, the system is designed to spur use of social media as well as create a convenient way to use traditional kitchen tools. The app not only receives real-time temperature data but it also includes recipes, presets and well as kitchen timers that can either count up or count down. Of course, the real draw of this wireless thermometer remains its ability to free the cook from the kitchen -- then again, the whole family peering over your shoulder asking "Is it ready yet?" might just be reason enough to head back into the kitchen.

The Bluetooth Smart Kitchen Thermometers are being showcased during CES 2014 at booth #35866 in the Upper South Hall.