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iControl watch from Timex

A watch that controls your ipod.

If you love to run or workout with your ipod and have it strapped somewhere to your body, it is always a hassle to unstrap it and change songs and control the volume. Well Timex known for their ironman sports watches has come out with a watch that can control your ipod.

The iControl watch transmits signals seamlessly to your iPod so you can control your music in a heartbeat. Change songs and volume without breaking stride, the watch lets your pause and also has forward and reverse functions.

The iControl is also water resistant, you might want to think twice about that if you are intending to go for a little swim make sure your ipod is not in your pocket !!! It also has 2 interval timers, a count down timer, three alarms and oh yeah it tells the time as well.

Designed to work with your body and coordinate with your iPod, the iControl watch is sleek and comfortable to wear - with all the features you need for running around the track or traveling around the world.