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Icontrol to add IFTTT to its Piper DIY security system at CES

Icontrol's all-in-one Piper home security systems take steps toward smart home inclusivity with an upcoming IFTTT channel.

This story is part of CES 2016. Our editors bring you complete CES 2016 coverage and scour the showroom floor for the hottest new tech gadgets around.

Icontrol, the team behind the $199 Piper Classic and the $279 Piper NV, just announced that it's getting its own IFTTT channel by the end of March.

The Piper Classic and the Piper NV are two innovative all-in-one home security systems. With built-in sirens, a whole suite of security and environmental sensors, 180-degree fisheye lenses, 1080p high-definition live streaming, free cloud storage and a built-in Z-Wave hubs, Piper units already have a lot to offer someone interested in DIY security.

While these devices are already compatible with select Z-Wave accessories, adding an IFTTT channel to the equation will offer even more opportunities for Piper systems to work with third-party devices, ranging from a Nest thermostat to Philips Hue LEDs and much more.

Icontrol hasn't locked down a specific date for its IFTTT integration, but plans to launch the new channel toward the end of the first quarter.

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