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ICFF Field Report: If only everything could be this obvious

Remote control holder tells you exactly what it does.

Caroline McCarthy/CNET Networks

One of my favorite pieces on the show floor at ICFF, which is headquartered at NYC's Jacob Javits Convention Center through Tuesday (and on Tuesday it's open to the public) was this piece, which is actually a project made by Philadelphia University sophomore Gary Bugno as part of the school's industrial design program. It holds three remote controls. That's what it does. And it tells you what it does, too. It might not be quite as ingenious as Sheriff John "Wayne" Falcone's holster-like display of five remotes at once, but it's quite clever and aesthetically pleasing in its simplicity.

My only problem with it? I've definitely got more than three remotes. I suppose that means either I could obtain more than one of these cool remote holders (assuming they ever hit the consumer market, which I certainly hope they do) or I could invest in one of those scary-looking universal remotes that can control everything from the TV to the fish tank.