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Iced coffee the way you want it with Zoku

The Zoku Iced Coffee Maker chills down hot beverages. No dilution necessary.

The Zoku Iced Coffee Maker is comprised of a stainless steel mug and an insulating sleeve.
The Zoku Iced Coffee Maker consists of a stainless-steel mug and an insulating sleeve. Williams-Sonoma

Coffee isn't something to consider; you know what you want and that's that. Sure, occasionally one will stretch the boundaries and perhaps try one lump instead of two, but for the most part when it comes to our morning (and afternoon and evening) elixir, we know how we like it. There is another aspect of coffee beverages that come in to play and that would be immediacy. When it's time for coffee, it is time for coffee.

These two basic truisms about coffee can at times be conflicting. Nobody likes to wait for coffee, but if it means getting it right, then the delay can be tolerated (albeit while dealing with a headache brought on by lack of coffee). There is another solution.

The Zoku Iced Coffee Maker ($29.95) chills coffee down to drinkable temperature faster than the time it takes to read the warning label that coffee is hot. (Well, maybe not that fast, but you get the idea.) Consisting of a stainless steel mug that is meant to be chilled down in the freezer and an outside insulating sleeve, the BPA-free and phthalate-free coffee accessory comes together in caffeinated harmony to cool down hot beverages effortlessly -- and without having to dilute your masterpiece with all the ice in the house.