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Ice pops ready for lift off

With the Tovolo Blue Rocket Pop Molds, you'll be able to make ice pops that are out of this world.

The Blue Rocket Pop Molds Tovolo

Getting kids to eat homemade ice pops can be a little bit of a challenge: after all, they don't have the cool designs and colors that the Popsicles at the store do. But with the Tovolo Blue Rocket Pop Molds, you can turn out a few fancy treats of your own. The molds work with just about any juice or flavor you want--and with a little extra work, you can actually make combined colors, like a rocket pop that is red, white, and blue. The molds are plastic and have a base that holds them upright in the freezer, as well as making the process of getting the pops out of the mold much easier. You can make six at a time. Each one will have a handle that has a built-in stick and drip guard.

The Tovolo Blue Rocket Pop Molds are easy to use, just requiring you to pour in your favorite flavor and stick the mold in the freezer. I have a personal preference for lemonade, but you can use any sort of juice, Kool-Aid or even something more advanced, like a yogurt smoothie. It's just a matter of what you want to serve--and most of the options you have will be healthier than the alternatives in your grocery store's freezer aisle. The Tovolo Blue Rocket Pop Molds are $9.99. Tovolo also makes molds in a variety of other shapes.