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Ice laptops chill on streets of London

Tech support firm Inbay places ice sculptures of laptops around town to remind people that frozen laptops hamper productivity and promote its services.

Laptop ice sculpture
A frozen laptop, looking like an old Dell running Windows 98. Inbay

As PR stunts go, this one is pretty cool. So cool, in fact, that it's ice.

Inbay, a new U.K. tech support company, placed ice sculptures of laptops around London today to promote its online and telephone customer support services. Its first walk-in shop has also launched in London's Kingsway.

So where do the frozen laptops come in? Well, Inbay notes that frozen laptops hamper many a worker's productivity. So please stop sticking yours in snowdrifts OK?

The company offers a bunch of basic anti-freeze tips for mobile devices that we probably don't need to tell Crave readers: keep up on software updates; don't toss your clothes on top of fans or air vents; and restart your device once in a while to clear the cache and allow "forgotten" running processes to stop. And, of course, if you're typing on a keyboard made of ice, consider wearing gloves.

Making ice sculpture
An ice sculptor carves a cool laptop outside Inbay's store in London. Inbay