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Ice fishing with fireworks gets explosive results

Watch what happens when Nils Bremer shoots off fireworks under the icy surface of a frozen lake in Sweden. Then, obviously, don't try this at home.

I'm not a big fan of ice fishing. Sure, you get to sit around drinking beer with friends and family, but at the end of the day you're sitting for hours and hours watching holes in the ice waiting for fish to maybe bite your line. But as a YouTube video from Nils Bremer suggests, ice fishing could be much better if it there were more explosions.

In the video, Nils stands safely on the dock, and pokes a hole in the surface of an icy Swedish lake with a broom handle. Nils then lights a rocket and shoves it in the hole to see what happens. As you can probably imagine, the rocket shoots off into the lake and explodes, sending ice flying through the air. Fortunately for Nils and his friends, the rocket shot away from the dock just before exploding. If it hadn't, it might have taken the whole dock with it.

Before you decide to take up the sport of extreme ice fishing for yourself, know this is probably very illegal (and just plain stupid) where you live anyway. Plus, we haven't seen too many restaurants serving exploded fish, and we can't imagine that'd be a delight to eat.

(Via Time)