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Ice Cream Sandwich leak spotted on Droid Razr

Android 4.0 build spotted in the wild as Verizon's update schedule for the Razr leaks on the same day.

This Droid Razr was spotted slicing up sweet Ice Cream Sandwich for dessert. Droid Life

Ice Cream Sandwich leaks are dripping all over the Motorola Droid Razr today with Android 4.0 apparently spotted on Verizon's fancy thin phone.

Droid Life posted the screen shots from a reader who claims to have gotten ahold of a build with the same file size as the file listed in Verizon's leaked update schedule that I reported on earlier today. That leak appeared to show plans to push out an over-the-air upgrade to Ice Cream Sandwich for the Razr beginning on May 21.

I was also whining earlier about the false alarm upgrade I received to my own Droid Razr earlier this week that turned out to be an incremental Gingerbread update, but if rumors are true, that could have been the build required to lay the foundation for the imminent Android 4.0 upgrade.

Baby steps, I suppose. Unless, of course someone wants to share a Dropbox folder that just happens to contain that leaked Ice Cream Sandwich build with me....