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iCal sync problems? Remove "/" from event names

iCal sync problems? Remove "/" from event names

Problems with syncing the iPhone collectively represent the most frustrating and widespread troubleshooting issue with the device. A sample of our recent coverage on this issue tells the tale:

For Mac OS X users, iCal event syncing has proven especially problematic in some cases.

We previously noted that special characters, when used in iCal events, can cause problems with synchronization. It now appears that event names containing a forward slash "/" can also be culpable.

iPhone Atlas reader Scott Jarr writes:

"iPhone syncing was working well for me for a couple months. Then one day stopped - iTunes and the phone would hang on 'syncing calendar' [...] I decided to check for 'special characters' in new meetings that I had created on the iPhone. There was one meeting where I used 'w/' in the title to represent 'with'. I removed the '/' and syncing continued without a problem."