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Tech Industry

IBM turns to speedy AMD K6

Big Blue debuts two new Aptiva home PCs with AMD chips, including the first PC to use a 266-MHz processor.

IBM (IBM) today rolled out two new consumer PCs with Advanced Micro Devices' K6 processor, lending momentum to newfound partiality toward the K6 among major PC manufacturers.

The Aptiva models are priced at $1,599 and $1,099. The $1,599 E46 is the first PC to be equipped with a 266-MHz K6 processor, while the less expensive E26 uses the K6 233-MHz processor.

Both come with a CD-ROM drive, a 56-kbps modem, a 4GB hard drive, and 32MB of memory.

The systems boost IBM's presence at the low end of the consumer PC market, where it had been conspicuously absent. Following the introduction of the E Series late in te third quarter of 1997, IBM saw unit sales jump more than 85 percent from October to November, the company said.

The Aptiva E46 will be available the first quarter of 1998, while the E26 is now available at retail stores. In addition to these two new models, other models with both 233-MHz and 266-MHz K6 processors will be rolled out over the coming weeks and months, the company said.

The E Series computers are manufactured in partnership with Acer.