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IBM touts new notebooks' utilities

The company says three new notebooks feature the ThinkVantage System Migration Assistant; two of them also come with a "rescue and recovery" tool.

IBM on Tuesday announced a trio of notebooks that feature the company's ThinkVantage utilities. A System Migration Assistant on the ThinkPad R50e, R51 and G40 is designed to ease the transition from an old machine to a new one. The R50e and R51 also come with a "rescue and recovery" tool that lets users tackle PC problems, even if the operating system isn't functioning.

IBM recently said it would begin offering the two ThinkVantage utilities for use on non-IBM PCs. The 5.6-pound R51, which supports both 802.11b and 802.11g wireless technology, starts at $1,049, and the 5.9-pound R50e starts at $949. The G40, which starts at $849, is a 7.7-pound machine designed as a desktop replacement system.