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IBM to showcase Java tools research

The Java-related capabilities will be made available on Big Blue's AlphaWorks Web site.

IBM, at next week's JavaOne conference in San Francisco, plans to show off some programming tools developed in its labs. The new Java-related capabilities will be made accessible for download on IBM's AlphaWorks Web site, where the company solicits feedback on emerging technologies.

Java-COM Bridge is a plug-in for the Eclipse open-source development platform that's designed to allow the sharing of data between software components written with Java and Microsoft .Net tools. IBM will also show off an add-on intended to help developers enforce privacy policies using IBM's Tivoli management software. Other Java tools on display will include a utility for scheduling cache updates and a set of Java libraries, called Asynchronous IO for Java, to help programmers build more scalable applications by better handling client requests on servers. The technologies are expected to be built in to IBM's Java programming tools.