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IBM to plunk $1.5 billion on security efforts next year

Looking to capitalize on growing security threats, Big Blue refreshes its security portfolio with a combination of products and services.

IBM on Thursday detailed new products and services aimed at securing corporate networks and announced it will spend $1.5 billion on security product development and marketing in 2008.

The computing giant's approach is to combine technology with consulting services that focus on mitigating risk.

The centerpiece of the announcement are products IBM gained through its $1.3 billion acquisition of security services firm ISS last year. IBM added data inspection software meant to prevent loss of valuable data and related services.

The company also introduced enhanced data security software to track, report, and investigate potential security breaches on corporate networks.

From its research arm, IBM developed risk-management tools to give technology executives a way to assess their risk and how it can affect their business processes.

IBM on several occasions has publicly committed to invest $1 billion in market areas that it considers promising, including Linux, products for medium-size business initiatives, and partner programs.