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IBM to fill out provisioning tools

IBM's June update of its Tivoli provisioning software will be able to manage more hardware servers, storage and software products.

IBM is readying an update of its Tivoli provisioning software, which adds the ability to manage more types of hardware servers, storage and software. The company is expecting to ship the product, Tivoli Provisioning Manager 2.1, and two new bundles of products around its provisioning software, in June.

IBM's Tivoli Provisioning Manager automatically installs and configures hardware and software in corporate data centers. The update will add support for storage devices from EMC and Hitachi. It will add support for such server operating systems as SuSE Linux, Solaris 9 and Windows Server 2003. The provisioning software will also automatically install and configure Microsoft Exchange, Active Directory, SQL Server database and packaged applications such as SAP's and Siebel's, said Sandy Carter, vice president of marketing at IBM Tivoli. IBM also plans to release two bundles based on the Tivoli Provisioning Manager software.