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IBM thinks big with new business strategies

Big Blue ramps up its plans for business e-commerce, a move however some analysts say comes late in the game. Separately, a new push for consumer PCs should help IBM regain its former status in the computer market.


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Big Blue, moving on many fronts this week, pushes into new areas of B2B e-commerce, while separately, it sues rival software maker Informix for allegedly infringing on six of its database patents, and makes a new thrust in consumer PCs.


IBM's B2B e-commerce push
Big Blue debuts a new bidding service for sellers in the electronic components industry, its first major move in the business-to-business market.

IBM sues Informix for patent infringment
IBM claims that software maker Informix is using technology that IBM has patented in at least five of its database products, including its Informix-Online Dynamic Server.

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IBM plans new desktops, notebooks, appliances
update Although it has taken its lumps in the computer market during the past two years, Big Blue will revamp its desktop line to regain its place in the PC world.

IBM set to launch new products strategy
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Researchers at IBM plan to unveil designs of computer chips that they say will be the world's fastest.