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IBM sexes up with Thinkpad Z60t

IBM laptops are great, but they can be a little, well -- drab. Fortunately, the company has wised up with the release of its stylish new Z60t

Crave likes to think of IBM laptops as the Volvos of the IT world -- they're boxy, boring, but ultimately very good. Yet times are changing -- since being acquired by Lenovo, the IBM brand seems to be undergoing something of a transformation.

First we spotted a poll on its Web site asking visitors whether they'd like to see IBM create contemporary silver laptops instead of those with its traditional, matte-black finish. Then, we receive this -- the Z60t.

It's a 14.1-inch widescreen model that, shockingly, has an air of style about it. It's slim and light, but has a curvy, almost muscular appearance, which should help business users look slightly less boring when they pretend to work on their morning commute.

The widescreen display runs at a resolution of 1,280x768 pixels, which gives you more room to play with when displaying applications side by side. It's also perfect for watching DVD movies.

The Z60t has an integrated fingerprint reader for secure access, and a host of IBM-specific security features like the 'Thinkpad Roll Cage', which protects critical system components.

If you've always wanted an IBM laptop but were worried about looking old before your time, the semi-sexy Z60t could be just the tonic. It costs £1,260 from all good retailers. -RR