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IBM ready to "kick Oracle's teeth in"

IBM ready to "kick Oracle's teeth in"

Ever wonder what the sales guys at BigCos like IBM are thinking about? Seems that IBM has assembled "what it calls a Viper 500 program with IBM's account teams to replace Oracle in more than 600 accounts."

I do enjoy a slap-fight amongst software vendors...
"I am actively hiring people to go kick their teeth in," said Mike Borman, IBM vice president, worldwide sales for the IBM Software Group in a wide ranging 90 minute interview earlier this week before the hostile Oracle bid for BEA.

Despite it sounding a little bit silly, this is actually a good idea. Where do you go for growth when you have a significant market footprint? You coordinate direct attacks on your competition. (I must note that Viper 500 sounds like someone has been reading too much Tom Clancy.)