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IBM putting Lotus Connections on BlackBerry

BlackBerry users will be able to tap into their corporation's internal social networks now that RIM is supporting the Lotus Connections software on its handhelds.

IBM and Research in Motion are expanding the reach of IBM's Lotus software onto BlackBerry handsets.

BlackBerry users can now access the Lotus Connections software right from their handhelds. IBM

BlackBerry users in companies committed to IBM's Lotus suite of software can now access the Lotus Connections software from their handhelds, the companies plan to announce Wednesday at the Wireless Enterprise Symposium in Orlando, Fla. Lotus-equipped companies have long been able to deliver e-mail, contacts, and calendar appointments to BlackBerry users, but companies can now allow their workers to get Web 2.0-ified in a safe, staid manner formally approved by the IT department.

Lotus Connections lets you pick the brains of experts inside your organization through their internal blogs or documents, said Bob Picciano, general manager of IBM's Lotus Software. "You don't want people putting (sensitive) documents on LinkedIn," he said, explaining the need for secure social networking.

RIM has been expanding its attempts to reach consumers with devices like the BlackBerry Curve, but its bread-and-butter is still the corporation. The Connections software is supposed to be immediately available for Lotus users to download.