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IBM, Netscape to bundle servers

IBM multiprocessor RS/6000 servers with be bundled with Netscape server software.

IBM and Netscape Communications announced a deal to bundle multiprocessor RS/6000 servers from IBM with Netscape server and application software.

Part of this agreement is the expansion of a licensing pact with Netscape to include its SuiteSpot family of server software, as well as its Commercial Applications for AIX with the RS/6000 machines, IBM said. The Web server bundle is targeted primarily at the corporate intranet market and will compete with similar turnkey packages from Silicon Graphics Incorporated, Sun Microsystems, and Digital Equipment.

Like the packages already on the market, the new RS/6000 "Internet Powersolutions" will reduce the time needed to install, create, and manage a corporate or commercial Web site. They will include:
--Netscape Enterprise Server, Proxy Server, and FastTrack Server, as well as Navigator client software.
--software for the Internet commerce market, including Netscape Publishing System and Netscape Community System.
--firewall software and proxy servers for enhanced network security, Web content replication, and performance.

The server line will use PowerPC-processors and run IBM's Unix-based AIX operating system. Although the company did not IBM did not specify pricing or availability, it did say that the servers will be available in multiprocessor configurations with as many as eight processors.