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IBM, Motorola ready 200-MHz processors

IBM and Motorola have completed the development of enhanced versions of microprocessors running at up to 200 MHz.

IBM and Motorola have completed the development of enhanced versions of the PowerPC 603e and 604e microprocessors running at speeds of up to 200 MHz, the companies announced today at Apple's Worldwide Developer Conference in San Jose, California.

The PowerPC 604e is the desktop and entry-level server microprocessor and is capable of running in uni- or multi-processor environments. The new microprocessors will be manufactured by both companies initially at speeds of 166 MHz, 180 MHz, and 200 MHz.

The chips will not appear in systems until the end of the year, but the companies wanted to underscore their commitment to keeping PowerPC performance competitive.

"This will ensure that Apple's Power Macintosh PowerBook and desktop product lines deliver leading-edge performance," said Howard Lee, Apple's senior vice president of the Macintosh Systems Division.

Apple Computer intends to use the 200-MHz PowerPC microprocessors in systems available before the end of 1996. The high-performance and low-power consumption of the 603e will allow manufacturers to build systems ranging from subnotebooks and laptops to high-performance notebooks and entry desktop systems, the companies said.

Detailed pricing and availability will be announced by the manufacturers separately.