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IBM launches DB2 for Domino

Big Blue's new licensing and software packaging is intended to make it easy for Notes and Domino users to link DB2 databases.

IBM (IBM) is brewing a new plan to entice millions of Notes and Domino groupware users to take a look at its DB2 database server.

The company plans to launch later this month a new licensing and software packaging scheme, called DB2 for Domino, intended to make it easy for Notes and Domino users to link DB2 databases, said Jeff Jones, program manager for data management marketing at IBM software solutions. The goal is to drive use of DB2 as a multimedia and transactional data store attached to Notes and Domino applications.

IBM plans to waive per-client license fees for connecting to DB2 from either a Notes or Domino client system, Jones said. The company also plans to offer software for connecting DB2 and Notes databases to make application development easier.

IBM is hoping the alliance will open new markets for DB2, which in recent months has been updated to handle a wide range of multimedia data, such as text, audio, image, and video. The integration with Notes and Domino means developers can build applications that integrate DB2 data, such as business reports.

Jones said the DB2 for Domino plan is applicable to three of the four versions of DB2. For DB2 Workgroup users, the $199 per client license fee will be waived in favor of a $499 unlimited user client license. For DB2 Enterprise and Enterprise/Extended Edition users, client license fees have been waived altogether, Jones said.

As part of DB2 for Domino, IBM has also developed new software, called DB2 LotusScript Extension (LSX), to allow Notes/Domino developers full access to all DB2 data and services. IBM's Lotus Development subsidiary already offers software for linking the two systems, but not all of DB2's features are supported.

The DB2 for Domino licensing plans take effect on February 20th, Jones said. The LSX software will be available for download from IBM's Web site later this month.