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Tech Industry

IBM joins party in the clouds

Big Blue's Global Business Services unveils several cloud-computing initiatives, ranging from consulting and implementation services to a validation program.

IBM on Monday unveiled consulting and implementation services for cloud computing, as well as a related validation program.

Cloud computing is designed to cut costs for companies by moving such functions as data storage, security, and enterprise applications onto the Internet. A company can control its own cloud system, outsource it in its entirety, or adopt a hybrid model.

IBM Global Business Services, seeking to capitalize on the rising popularity of Internet-based storage and computing, will oversee the company's cloud-consulting services, aiming to provide customers with assessments as to whether building their own so-called cloud, or transferring data and applications to a hybrid private-public cloud or a public cloud would be most cost-effective. It plans to aid customers in installing, configuring, and delivering cloud-computing services in the data center.

IBM on Monday also unveiled a Resilient Cloud Validation program to provide customers with a means to validate the reliability of third-party partners who deliver applications and services via remote servers.