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IBM ISP site mimicked

The InfoNet Internet Technologies site, which offers Net connection service, is an exact replica of the Global site, but IBM says the two firms are unrelated.

It looks like IBM's Web site, and it says it offers the same services as the computer giant, but InfoNet has yet to prove itself.

The InfoNet Internet Technologies site, which offers Internet connection service, is an exact replica of the Global site, but IBM emphasized that it has no connection whatsoever to InfoNet.

And Big Blue actually is quite red in the face about the alleged copyright infringement. The company first became aware of the rival site after receiving a call from CNET

"InfoNet Global Network has infringed upon IBM copyrighted material," said IBM Global Net spokesman Rusty Carpenter. "We are pursuing the matter and will take appropriate action."

He declined to comment on what action IBM plans.

InfoNet CEO Matthew Nichols said he was unaware of his site's likeness to IBM.

"I was not aware of that," he said. "We hired a firm out of California. They said the work was original.

"We paid them $15,000 and still it doesn't work right, I have been told," Nichols added. He declined to release the firm's name.

"I was wondering why it took them three months to do that," said Nichols. "I am not certain if they give us something that don't [sic] hardly work."

The only functionality on the site currently is the registration server, Nichols added. "All the links is [sic] totally not right, you know what I mean."

He said they are in the process of moving the technical support center to Denver, Colorado.

The help number provided at InfoNet reaches a message that also says the InfoNet office will be closed between February 3 and February 13 as the company relocates from Atlanta, Georgia, to Denver. The message said also that no support services would be available during that time.

"That is the only disadvantage," Nichols said.

Carpenter noted that IBM is not responsible for the InfoNet site, nor for any promises made by it.

"We have also done a thorough security check, and our security was not compromised in the creation of that Web site," Carpenter added.