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Tech Industry

IBM helps with health study

IBM on Wednesday will announce that it is teaming up with the Vancouver-based iCAPTUR4E Research Centre to study the links between genetic and environmental influences on heart, lung and blood vessel diseases. The collaboration involves IBM scientists and technology along with researchers at the iCAPTUR4E Research Centre, a partnership of St. Paul's Hospital, the Vancouver Hospital and Health Sciences Centre and the University of British Columbia. The goal is to build an information system called the iQ Engine that will help researchers relate genetic susceptibility of patients with cardiovascular and respiratory diseases to environmental influences such as culture and socioeconomic status, educational backgrounds, inhaled cigarette smoke, pollutants, viruses, allergens, diet and obesity.

IBM technology involved in the partnership includes DB2 database software, WebSphere software, a pSeries server running IBM's version of the Unix operating system, and DiscoverLink data integration technology. IBM's life sciences unit is the company's fastest-growing division.